Since the early seventies, the principals of Construction & Development Consultants, LLC have been involved in over 600 projects. All buildings

start with the land then are shaped by desired end uses.  Construction & Development Consultants specializes in being your personal

professional for our customers and always maintain focus on your needs.  No matter how small or large a project, communication, planning,

and follow through are paramount from the beginning to the end.   We provide Concept to Completion services to Virginia, North Carolina,

and South Carolina for over 35 years.

Extensive experience in planning, land use, site development, building design, construction management, engineering, surveying, and LEED,

Construction & Development Consultants are your most valuable partner in whatever project you are undertaking.  Our motto says it all -

‚ÄúConcept to Completion."  Contact us today to save money and assure your project is a success.   



         New & Renovation Building Construction (Vertical)

           (1) Historic Renovation (2) Downtown Redevelopment (3) Federal Tax Credit Financing (4) Religious (5) Industrial

           (6) Commercial (7) Retail (8) Medical (9) Restaurants (10) Automotive Sales, Service Facilities (11) Storage

           (12) Education ~ K-12 & Research (13) Recreational ~ Golf, Bowling, Skating, Track & Field

         Land Development (Horizontal)

           (1) Planned Unit Developments (2) Multi-Family (3) Limited/Assisted/Advance Adult Care Facilities (4) Mini-Storage

           (5) Typical Residential Sub-Divisions (6) Athletic Facilities (7) Municipal ~ Waste Water Treatment, Water Purification,

           Roadway Improvements, Street Scrapes, Parks

         Demolition & Recycling